Scott LaForge


Scott LaForge has over 40 years of invaluable expertise in the aviation industry, with deep experience in Air Carrier Leadership and Airmanship.

As a licensed Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, Scott has accumulated more than 20,000 safe-flying hours in his flying career. He has flown VIPs and commuter passengers to and from outlying special destinations and primary and secondary hubs. As an aviation leader, Scott has held flight management leadership, executive and ownership roles with regional airlines and VIP charter organizations servicing the Northeast, Southeast, and Western U.S. Scott’s career began in the 1980s with Gull Air as an Air Florida, Continental Airlines and NY Air Feeder. He was a co-founder of Nantucket Airlines and also held various roles with Cape Air, Island Airlines, M&N Aviation in the Caribbean. Before joining Elevate Jet, Scott held leadership roles with XOJET and Keystone Aviation. Scott has been recognized as a Prestigious Aviator by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has served on various safety panels, community noise committees, aviation industry trade organization boards, and FAA Aviation Rule Making Committees.

Scott’s esteemed reputation and success are proven by his enthusiastic passion for the industry and his consistent promotion and execution of safety and service.