safety standards

Proactive • Predictive • Safety First

Continuous Improvement

Elevate Jet is one of the very few aircraft management companies with a dedicated Director of Safety on staff. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, our Director of Safety actively solicits input from the personnel who operate, maintain, or dispatch our aircraft daily.

Elevate’s Director of Safety is always focused on:

  • Safety Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Safety training for all Flight Operations and Maintenance personnel
  • Proprietary tracking and safety reporting program
  • Risk Mitigation


Elevate Jet believes in the absolute highest level of safety and will not settle for anything less.

Our stringent operational control standards exceed FAA Part 91 and Part 135 regulatory requirements. We have reliable risk management systems and strict pilot training procedures to protect you, your associates, and your aircraft. That is why our safety culture promotes rigorous regulatory compliance, risk-informed planning and data-driven decision making throughout the organization.

“Safety first is safety always”

-Charles M Hayes

Crew hiring & training

The world’s most desired planes deserve only the most skilled and experienced pilots. Our pilots’ flight hours far exceed the FAA requirement of only 1,500 hours. With safety always at the forefront of everything we do, we will define and hire the appropriate number of crew members to effectively operate your aircraft.

Elevate Jet is diligent in the selection process of your dedicated pilots. During the pilot hiring process, you will have the ability to review resumes, participate in the interview process, and provide final approval. We encourage clients to be involved in this process.

Our pre-employment pilot screening and onboarding processes are rigorous and include:

  • Crew member orientation training
  • TSA-mandated fingerprinting
  • Criminal background records check
  • FAA crew member records check (PRIA)
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Part 135 crew member aircraft simulator training and a line check

Elevate Jet is here to customize your ideal private aviation solution.

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