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Expense Offset

Earning revenue from your aircraft when it is not being utilized can make strong fiscal sense.  Aircraft Management is a clear choice for aircraft owners seeking to offset their expense, employ a full time flight crew, and have moderate to low usage needs for the aircraft. Charter Management provides the aircraft owner with a percentage of the revenue earned during each hour the aircraft is flown in charter operations.

15 years of charter EXPERIENCE

Since 2003, Elevate Holdings has managed private jet charter programs for over 75,000 flight segments and 1,350,000 passengers through the utilization of other operators aircraft.

Rest assured, Elevate Jet will work 24/7 to provide you with revenue from the firstinquality flyers that we have been serving for over 15 years.

reducing your ownership costs and increasing the return on your investment

Simplify the Process

There are many complicated FAA regulations and IRS implications associated with revenue generating activities involving aircraft. Let the deep expertise of the Elevate Jet team help you simplify the process to ensure the efficient management of your asset.

Elevate Jet is here to customize your ideal private aviation solution.

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