Patti Ann Sullivan
Executive vice president, Aircraft Management

Patti Ann Sullivan’s deep expertise in aviation finance and aircraft management comes from over 25 years of designing sound flight department solutions and solving the complexities of owning and operating aircraft.

Patti’s passion for building meaningful and enduring relationships and designing solutions that enable clients to consistently operate their aircraft most efficiently has allowed her to successfully assist high-net-worth individuals and Fortune 500 corporations in achieving their aviation objectives.

Throughout her career, Patti has successfully served aircraft and helicopter owners in all financial and operational aspects. She has held positions in regional and national sales and management with Key Bank, Textron Financial, DEBIS, Aviation Resource Group, and Executive Jet Management.

Patti holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from Boston University. She has been a Board Member of NAFA, MBAA, NARA now IADA, and is a member of NBAA.