fiscal oversight

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Fiscal Management

Our Fiscal Management Team works directly with aircraft owners to provide guidance and analysis. Our team provides meticulous attention to your financial concerns and works with you to determine the best course of action.


Aircraft owners will be briefed on all expenses involving your asset, from operation to taxation. Working together, we will strike a healthy balance of asset value preservation and asset utilization.

Complete Reporting

Daily, weekly or monthly reporting, designed to your preferences. What is important to you, is important to us. Copies of all supporting invoices and expense claims are made available to you through a secure web portal. The portal also contains useful financial and operational management reports.

Providing a wealth of experience to manage all financial matters

operating deposit

Owners rely on our professional services to operate, manage, and protect their aircraft 24/7.  Aircraft are capital-intensive assets, Elevate Jet relies on its clients to provide the liquidity to operate and maintain the aircraft to the required standards. These funds are set into a separate account where both Operator and Owner share access.  Your funds will never be commingled with Elevate’s.

liability insurance

Because your aircraft is a highly valuable asset, we have developed a specific Elevate Jet insurance program that offers the most comprehensive coverage providing for the highest customer liability insurance coverage available in North America.

Every single Elevate flight is covered by additional liability insurance of $500,000,000 per occurrence. This Certificate of Insurance is a testament to the employment of seasoned aviation professionals from firms including GE, NetJets, Executive Jet Management, Bombardier, Textron, Keystone Aviation, XOJet, CitationAir, SwiftAir and the like.

Elevate Jet is here to customize your ideal private aviation solution.

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