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Our team applies a hands-on approach to aviation finance with professionalism and a highly confidential touch. We will work closely with you to assess your needs and explore all relevant operational, tax, accounting, regulatory, country and risk management issues. We will design an appropriate finance structure and then access the market to secure the most advantageous transaction on your behalf.

proven process

  • Advise on the most advantageous finance method
  • Target a shortlist of the appropriate lenders (or lessors)
  • Assemble necessary financial information
  • Develop and issue a term sheet (RFP) with financial package
  • Analyze and compare RFP responses
  • Negotiate RFP response terms 
  • Select Lender/Lessor
  • Liaise with funding source through the underwriting and approval process leading to funding commitment
  • Negotiate commitment letter and financing documents
  • Facilitate a smooth closing
a financing or lease structure tailored to your specific financial parameters

We can help arrange:

  • Asset based or limited recourse loans
  • Operating leases
  • Pre-delivery payment financing
  • Bridge financing
  • Fractional share finance

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