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What We Offer

We deliver peace of mind. We are honest and transparent in all our dealings with employees, clients, partners, and suppliers. We conduct our business openly, ethically, and with mutual trust.

Offering a full array of progressive aircraft management solutions, both Parts 135 and Parts 91, we aim to provide owners with the peace of mind that only the most experienced aircraft management support system can deliver. Risk and downtime are minimized, while efficiency and cost savings are maximized, throughout our relationship.

our approach

From infrastructure and staffing to our well directed cost controls and fiduciary commitment, Elevate Jet maximizes and preserves your aircraft value and cost of operations. Our passion for aviation and dedication to serving those who enjoy flying privately are the core of our business and fuel our unwavering commitment to providing a seamless aviation experience.

We anticipate and respond to your needs and wants, large and small, and are available to you 24/7.


The success of our clients’ business is non-negotiable.

Our commitment is to exceed your expectations and to execute flawlessly and confidentially. From the moment you entrust your aircraft and flight operations into Elevate Jet’s care, you are given a dedicated team, available 24-hours-a-day, supporting your personalized inflight preferences and ensuring operational efficiency on every flight. Every Elevate employee is bound by a confidentiality agreement, an affirmative obligation by contract to protect the private information regarding our clients and their guests.

Fiscal Oversight
We provide meticulous attention to your financial concerns to ensure that your goals are aligned with the outcome.
Safety before profitability. Always. This is evident by our dedicated in-house safety team, led by our Director of Safety.
Revenue Generation
Charter Management is a clear choice for aircraft owners who are seeking to offset their expenses of ownership.
VIP Travel
For the times when additional aircraft are needed to meet your trip profile, we have you covered.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci            


Always keeping safety, quality and our fiscal responsibility to you in mind, Elevate Jet provides complete and ongoing airworthiness and technical services solutions to ensure your aircraft is maintained in accordance with all relevant manufacturer and regulatory programs.  

Our Maintenance Oversight Team will work sidebyside with your maintenance technician to monitor and manage every detail, such as scheduled and unscheduled repair, inspection, and refurbishment oversight. We manage the sourcing and selection of major maintenance work through an RFP process, providing access to our top tier network of qualified maintenance providers.

Operations Center

We believe meticulous execution is a necessity when entrusted to manage your asset. Elevate’s Global Systems Operational Control (SOC) center is staffed 24/7/365 by seasoned aviation professionals to ensure every aircraft movement is monitored. Our clients travel the globe so whether on a short domestic trip or a multi-leg transcontinental trip our SOC is always looking ahead, remaining in constant communication with downline facilities and services to ensure seamless coordination of all details, big and small.

Oversight & Compliance

Clients trust us to deliver unmatched levels of oversight and compliance to ensure proper compliance on every flight.

Our safety culture influences how we conduct oversight. Developing programs that embrace increased safety standards internally helps to better identify and mitigate aviation safety risk.

As the FAA continues to evolve its safety culture to support a transparent exchange of information, mutual cooperation, collaboration, critical thinking, and trust, so shall we.

Elevate Jet is here to customize your ideal private aviation solution.

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