Elevate Jet hires CIO Michael Horrisberger, invests in advanced technology development

(Bedford, MA – November 13, 2019) Aircraft management and aviation consultancy firm, Elevate Jet has hired senior technology leader, Michael Horrisberger as the company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). As CIO, Horrisberger is focused on advancing strategic technology initiatives to drive innovation, support business growth and enhance customer facing application solutions.

Michael Horrisberger brings to Elevate Jet over twenty years of experience leading teams through large scale technology-based business initiatives. His focus is on developing solutions that support critical business needs in growing the company; aligning technology, process, organizational structure, and data governance. Horrisberger bridges the gap between business and technical teams to create a holistic enterprise.

“As a still young and growing organization, Elevate Jet has the unique opportunity to build a state-of-the-art application suite from the ground up,” explained Horrisberger. “A lot of companies want to do something new and different, but they are stuck with their existing, out-of-date systems. Elevate Jet has a very up-to-date technology stack and we are continually adding modern, agile technology solutions that support our innovative business model and sustain continued growth.” 

A top priority in technological advancements is Elevate Jet’s Client Portal. The company’s Aircraft Management and Advisory Services involve cultivating relationships with aircraft owners to gain a deep understanding of their business needs and financial goals, then designing and delivering agile solutions to meet each client’s unique mission profile. This advanced, client-facing platform provides aircraft owners 24/7 visibility into key data such as flight schedules, flight history, flight requests, aircraft maintenance records, invoices and credit statements. The portal also contains intuitive financial and operational management data and reporting functionality. This robust capability supports insight and transparency and fosters ongoing collaboration and communication.

Horrisberger and his team are also building out a leading-edge Safety Management System (SMS) and Maintenance Tracking Solution alongside the company’s Director of safety, Wayne Lockley.

Before joining Elevate Jet, Horrisberger served as a U.S. Navy A6-E Intruder Pilot with Attack Squadron VA196 for seven years and he held executive leadership roles with Emery Waterhouse and Unum. Horrisberger holds a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Academy.

“The aviation industry has evolved so much over the last five years, as have technological innovations,” said Horrisberger. “We are looking to marry those two things in the development of a robust, proprietary platform with client services, security and privacy at the forefront.”

About Elevate Jet 

Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, Elevate Jet is a boutique aircraft management firm dedicated to meeting the mission profile of each client – today, tomorrow and into the future. Operated by a highly experienced team of aviation professionals, Elevate Jet leverages holistic management strategies that encompass the intrinsic costs of private aircraft ownership. Built on a passion for aviation and providing unsurpassed bespoke service, Elevate Jet’s mission is to provide management solutions that fully realize aircraft owners’ functional, budgetary and scheduling imperatives. Elevate Jet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elevate Holdings, Inc. Visit elevatejet.com to learn more.