At Elevate, due diligence is the cornerstone of our safety program. We know that by pro-actively discerning the best available air carriers and pilots, we end up with more consistent and safer flights for our clients. Using qualitative and quantitative analysis, we determine and track which carriers have the best practices, the safest operating histories and the highest standards for their pilots – all of which ultimately reduce our clients’ exposure to anything unexpected.

Safety is always our first priority.

Detailed checks that go far beyond FAA requirements.

At Elevate, we know FAA compliance is only one part of an aircraft or pilot’s history. Therefore, our detailed measures for compliance go far beyond the expected norm. All aircraft and pilots are pre-vetted using Elevate’s stringent requirements. They are then re-vetted prior to each new engagement using real-time data backed up by third-party reporting. Qualitative and quantitative checks are complemented with information from the FAA, DOT, and NTSB, bringing a thorough approach to safety that anticipates any potential risks.

Liability Insurance

Elevate Jet offers the highest Customer Liability Insurance coverage available in North America. Every single Elevate flight is covered by additional liability insurance of $500,000,000 per occurrence.

This Certificate of Insurance is a testament to the Elevate Jet’s industry-leading culture of safety, employing veteran Aviation professionals from firms including GE, NetJets, and Textron. We have the depth of knowledge, the in-market experience, and the ability to leverage our global volume of flights to provide unequaled benefits to our customers.

Pilot Requirements

Elevate considers pilot experience requirements to be an essential safety tool. Our standards for time and type far exceed FAA requirements.  At Elevate we only engage with the most skilled and experienced pilots.

Safety Culture

Safety is at the core of Elevate Jet’s culture, which promotes cautious planning and decision-making throughout the organization. We continuously monitor and strive to improve our safety standards.