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Consultation & Planning

Tap in to Elevate Jet’s wealth of aviation expertise to make fully-informed decisions. Our broad spectrum of planning and consulting services include:

  • Evaluating future aircraft requirements and available options
  • Comparing ownership, fractional, charter and Jet Card solutions
  • Providing aircraft valuation estimates based on current market conditions
  • Optimizing and planning your aircraft’s scheduled maintenance and refurbishment actions
  • Staying at the forefront of industry-wide technical improvement initiatives
  • Preparing financial budgets, reports, and analyses
  • Providing quarterly or annual operations, maintenance, budget, and planning audits

Aircraft Sales & Brokerage

Elevate Jet offers full aircraft brokerage, acquisition, and disposition services for individuals and entities interested in purchasing new or selling current aircraft.

Leveraging our long-standing relationships with aviation professionals, Elevate has access to an extensive and exclusive network of aircraft owners, brokers, buyers, and sellers. Our team will handle the entire transaction process, including the initial consultation, marketing and promoting the aircraft, as well as closing and completing the sale.

Our expertise and guidance help clients navigate major aviation decisions with ease.